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Seal Cove Memorial Ca. 1930-NBM Collection

War Memorial at Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island ca 1930

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Here is an interesting article about Grand Manan from Wikipedia:

Grand Manan has an impressive list of residents and visitors. In keeping with the intense privacy pursued by some of those who visit and live there, many of its most notable residents and summer visitors wish to remain in relaxed anonymity. A partial list of those associated with Grand Manan who are known for their contributions to art, science, politics and scholarship include:

Historical personages

  • Samuel de Champlain (c. 1575 – 25 of December 1635) Explorer and Cartographer, sailed the Bay of Fundy and sheltered on White Head—an outer island of Grand Manan—during a March storm.
  • William “Captain” Kidd (1645–1701) Scottish sailor; profiteer, pirate. An early Manhattan Island resident, a treasure once buried on Gardiners Island, NY. Legend holds his burying money on the West side of Grand Manan island. For nearly 200 years, the spot he reportedly visited has been called “Money Cove”.
  • Dr. John Faxon – Brown Graduate, War of 1812 Veteran; first Physician on the island.
  • John Sterling Rockefeller, grandson of Standard Oil Co-founder William Rockefeller. Moved by the enthusiasm of Grand Manan native and gifted taxidermist Allan Moses, Rockefeller purchased Kent Island, off-island of Grand Manan, to preserve Bay of Fundy Eider ducks and other native fowl. Mr. Rockefeller’s generous gift flourishes today; the island was given to Bowdoin College for continuing research.


  • Samuel F.B. Morse (April 27, 1791 – April 2, 1872) Painter, Inventor, Yale Graduate. Morse relatives of his helped settle the island and still reside there.
  • John James Audubon (April 26, 1785 – January 27, 1851) Grand Manan’s first official bird watcher, Audubon immortalized the ornithology of the island in 1831. With 240 species of birds, including Bald Eagles, Buffleheads, Puffins and Osprey, Grand Manan provided Audubon with endless inspiration for his naturalist paintings – many of which he sketched while residing on the island.
  • Alfred Thompson Bricher (1837–1908) American marine painter associated with White Mountain art and the Hudson River School. He spent 17 years coming to Grand Manan[3] where many of his masterpieces were created, including Lifting Fog, Grand Manan.
  • Harrison Bird Brown (1831–1915) (Painter) White Mountain painter who frequented the island.
  • W. J. Aylward (painter, illustrator), member of the Brandywine School, illustrator for “Harper’s Weekly”.
  • Mauritz de Haas (1832, 1895) Dutch-American marine painter; Realist. Exhibited Paris Exposition, one of the founders of the American Society of Painters in Water Colors. His “Fishermen off Grand Manan” is considered one of his best works.
  • William F. de Hass (1830–1880) Dutch-American Marine painter, brother of Mauritz de Haas; also favoured the island’s inspiration.
  • Edward Moran (1829–1901), Royal Academy of London, “Devil’s Crag; Island of Grand Manan”.
  • Robert Swain Gifford (1840–1905) American landscape painter influenced by the Barbizon School. His work from the North Head, “Pettes Cove” is a masterful example of marine painting.
  • Winslow Homer (1836–1910) American Master, self-taught, illustrator and painter. Created “Morning at Grand Manan”.
  • John George Brown (1831–1913) American painter, born in Durham, England. Edinburg Academy. “Reading on the Rocks, Grand Manan” about 1877.
  • Frederic Edwin Church (1826–1900) American Landscape painter. His use of color is unparalleled; his work “Heart of the Andes” sold for $10,000 in 1859. His contribution to the island’s artistic stature, “Grand Manan”, is one of his important works.
  • Lucius R. O’Brien (1832–1899) His Grand Manan interpretation is called “The Grand Cross”.
  • Milton J. Burns 1853 “Swallowtail Lighthouse” is on display at the U.S. Coast Guard Museum.
  • Wesley Griffin, Painter; Several of his works hang in public places on the island, including “Young Captain” in the library.
  • Allan Moses, renowned taxidermist from Grand Manan, world traveller, naturalist, philanthropist. Was instrumental in the purchase of Kent Island by John Sterling Rockefeller for preservation.
  • Erica Deichmann Gregg, (1913–2007) Potter, artist, educator and philanthropist.
  • Lori P. Morse, born on Grand Manan; Artist, Photographer, Musician; Artistic and Graphics Curator; family of the Samuel F.B.Morse/Morse Code fame.
  • M.J. Edwards, born in Kingston, ON; Photographer; Visual Artist; Educator; Grand Manan Museum Curator/Director. Website: http://mjedwards.ca/
  • Jonathan Graves, painter & sculptor. His work has been shown in galleries and museums across North America, including Wadle Galleries Santa Fe, NM; Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver BC; and Greenwich Workshop Galleries, Southport CT. & Carmel CA.) as well as featured in publication such as Wildlife Art, Sunset, Country Home and Country Living magazines. Website http://www.jonathangravesart.com/


  • Willa Cather (1873–1947) Pulitzer Prize–winning author, member of the intellectual Salon “Cottage Girls” of Grand Manan.
  • Alice Coney; Intellectual, member of the “Cottage Girls” salon of Grand Manan.
  • Edith Lewis; Artist; advertising copywriter; Intellectual, companion of Willa Cather and member of the “Cottage Girls” of Grand Manan.
  • Susan Ingersoll, born on Grand Manan. Author, poet, educator, former poetry editor of the St. John’s literary journal “TickleAce”.
  • Tim Peters Photographer, Author, “Rhythm of the Tides: The Fisheries of Grand Manan”
  • Alison Hawthorne Deming Author, poet, essayist, teacher.
  • Katharine Scherman American author of non-fiction, “Two Islands: Grand Manan and Sanibel”
  • Gene Brewer Author, “K-Pax”
  • Marc Shell, Ph.D. Noted Canadian Literary Critic, Irving Babbit Comparative and Professor of English at Harvard University; John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur fellow.

Scientists and educators

  • Ernest Wilmot Guptill, Ph.D. (1919–1976) born on Grand Manan, received his Doctorate from McGill in Microwave radiation. Distinguished Faculty, Dalhousie University. Instrumental in the development of Radar and Sono-Buoys.
  • Eric Allaby born on Grand Manan; author, painter, scholar, curator, educator, historian, archaeologist and commercial diver. Also served as member of the New Brunswick legislature. His prolific research and documentation of Grand Manan and its shipwrecks helped shape the process of modern marine archaeology.
  • Gregory and Nancy McHone Geologists and authors of numerous academic papers and books, including “Grand Manan Geology: Excursions in Island Earth History.” Website: http://earth2geologists.net/
  • Susan Meld Shell, Ph.D. Professor, Boston College. Graduate Harvard University. Author, Philosopher, Teacher. Fellowship recipient, National Endowment for the Humanities.


  • C. William (Bill) Stanley, founder of Fundy Cable, member of the Stanley family from North Head. Received an Electrical Engineering degree from University of New Brunswick before entering the Telecommunications field and becoming a successful Cable Television pioneer and New Brunswick business leader.